Cellar Containment

Our Cellar Containments were designed by our company and are currently patent pending in the USA and Canada.  We designed the cellar containments to go around the well head and contain leaks without any chance of the fluids leaking into the ground.  They have been field tested and have had wonderful results of no leakage. Easy Installation!!

Construction Specs
  • Cellar is constructed of .25 Plate Steel Hexagon Shape
  • Corners are rolled instead of welded to minimize potential leaks
  • Steel and bolt holes are laser cut to insure proper fit
  • All Joints are welded inside and out
  • 4" sumps installed in bottom of both halves of cellar for easy extraction of fluids
  • Cellar is coated with powder coat finish, making it resistant to abrasion and corrosion
  • Cellar platform is constructed of 1.5" composite grating
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